The Ross Cosmos Foundation considers that the engines of the rescue system are located directly behind the wall of the booth, the lack of conformity to their standards and the absence of a normal toilet are defects in the Dragon-2 vehicle.

Ross Cosmos announced on its official website, "A number of experts are questioning the safety of the vehicle's crew, and alongside it are two tons of toxic fuel (nitrogen oxide and Monomethylhydrazine) which are being pumped to the rescue system's engines under high pressure."

According to experts, the explosion of the vehicle during the 2019 tests on the ground proves that these doubts are true.

In addition, the Dragon-2 spacecraft is wider than the Soyuz spacecraft because it is designed to accommodate seven astronauts, "but NASA has reduced the crew to 4 astronauts, due to the lack of this currently, and this means that the spacecraft is too large to carry out its primary mission - transport Astronauts to the International Space Station and bring them back to Earth. "

However, despite its capacity, comfortable seats and spacious windows, Dragon-2 does not provide comfortable health services. Because “astronauts who used the space shuttle on their space trips complained that the toilet was separated from the cabin by a symbolic curtain. But if the size of the space shuttle’s cabin is 74.5 cubic meters, the size of the Dragon -2’s cabin is equal to only 10 cubic meters and the toilet is behind a curtain Also". While the toilet is located in a "Soyuz" vehicle in a separate room from the cabin.

Despite all these flaws, the writer notes, the emergence of the Dragon-2 spacecraft after efforts lasting nearly 20 years, the United States acquired a more reliable spacecraft than the Space Shuttle, which is also very different from it in operation and at a lower cost. He added, the Dragon's rescue system included the rescue of the crew from the moment it supplied the transport missile with fuel until it was separated from the last stage of the missile. This distinguishes it from the space shuttle.

Source: Novosti

By:Nadeemy Haded

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