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Egypt is invading the world of space with a new  satellite called " NExSat 1 " specializing in sciences observations for earth and  geological and  environmental monitoring. It will be launching in 2019 ,according to Space Sky rocket website said it is a special scientific research satellite and implemented by the State of Germany.

NExSat 1 is an experimental earth observation satellite built by the National Authority of Space Sciences (NARSS) in Egypt in collaboration with Berlin Space Technologies (BST).

NExSat-1 is the first of a series of experimental satellites that will enable NARSS to fly and test new technologies. The satellite that is built in collaboration with Berlin Space Technologies is a micro satelite of 65 kg that carries two medium resolution cameras of 7.5 m GSD from a 700 km orbit. The responsibility for the system design of the satellite as well as the final assembly is in the hands of NARSS.

The imaging payload consists of two cameras, which have a resolution of 7.5 m and a joint swath of 30 km. They will both be used for environmental monitoring.

Berlin Space Technologies won the contract to provide sub-systems and services to support this program. Since NARSS has full system responsibility and will integrate the satellite in their own labs while BST acts as a consultant only.

Currently manufacturing of subsystems is underway. The launch of the satellite is planned for mid 2019.

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