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British newspaper "The Guardian" revealed that a study began to investigate the ability of nicotine patches to fight the emerging corona virus, after the idea was put forward by doctors in a hospital in Wales.

France decided last week to ban the storage of nicotine products, after the Minister of Health showed interest in a French study that indicated that smokers may be less at risk of contracting the virus.

Doctors in Wales, who published their own suggestions last January on the use of nicotine in treating coronaviruses, are discussing the possibility of conducting a formal trial.

"We saw the epidemic coming from China and then the horrific stories from Italy, so we were doing our own research and looking at as many papers as possible," said Jonathan Davis, trauma surgeon at Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

Nicotine patches were routinely given to patients who had coronavirus who were smoking.

The results of this research have been published in the British Medical Journal. She talked about the fact that smokers cases get worse during their illness, as a result of the decrease in the level of nicotine in the blood, which necessitates the use of stimulants that supply them with nicotine.

The proposal by Davis and his colleagues opened the way for conversations with Professor Goddett Hall of Cardiff University, who in turn pledged to communicate with bodies to fund the nicotine trial as a treatment for the Corona virus, noting that the idea was interesting, despite the difficulty of proving its usefulness.

She said that conducting this experiment may be confusing, but that all new ideas must be worked out to address this crisis.

And research in a major hospital in the French capital, Paris, has indicated the presence of a substance in tobacco, possibly nicotine, that prevents smokers from contracting the Corona virus.

It is expected to obtain the approval of health authorities to start clinical trials of nicotine patch to investigate its role in combating the virus, if the idea is correct.

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