By:Nadeemy Haded

Researchers in China have concluded that blood types can play a role in whether or not their owner runs the risk of developing the new Coronavirus.

According to the study conducted in central China's Wuhan city, the cradle of the deadly virus, those with blood type A are more susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus, compared to the rest of the families.

Chinese researchers also said that blood type A patients are more likely to die from the virus, also known as "Covid 19", according to results published by the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

In the general population, blood group O is the most common type at 34 percent, compared to 23 percent for family A, but it seemed different for Corona victims.

The percentage of those with blood type A reached 41 percent, compared to 25 percent for those with blood type O.

The same proportions were among the blood groups of deaths from disease, 41 percent for family A and 25 percent for family O.

People with Platoon O made up about 25 percent of all deaths, even though they made up 32 percent of the total population of Wuhan.

The authors examined 2,173 people infected with the Coronavirus, including 206 who died from this disease, and compared their data with information on 3,694 healthy people in the city.

But the researchers could not find a scientific explanation for the reason for the variation in the rates of infection with the virus according to blood type.

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