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A recent study has revealed one of the secrets of what is known as buried continents, huge rock masses that were swallowed under the earth's crust at some point. According to Fox News, scientists found that continents hundreds of miles below the Earth's crust could be as old as
Cairo Reported by Dr. Abdul Rahim Rehan A new study by Dr. Hana Saad El-Tantawy Archaeological at the Ministry of Antiquities under the title "Obstetrics and Gynecology in Ancient Egypt" confirmed that the ancient Egyptian known family planning through many prescriptions used by women to kill sperm which leads
By: Emerging Technology from the arXiv The research is published in March 12, 2019 with the MIT Technology Review
German-Luxembourg New test detects a meat allergy more clearly The bite into a juicy steak – for many people the epitome of a delicious meal, for some, however, the meat consumption can be a health horror trip. The so-called alpha-gal syndrome describes an allergic reaction that occurs two to
Search by scientist : Prof. Dr. Hanaa H Abd El BakyPlant Biochemistry Department,National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt The seed oil of Egyptian Moringa peregrina was examined with respect to physicochemical properties, unsaponifiable and fatty acids profiles, tochopherols and phenolic contents, anticancer and antioxidant activities. Moringa oil showed a better
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