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A team of German scientists managed to record the shortest time interval ever, which helped them measure the time it takes for a molecule of light to pass through only one molecule of hydrogen. According to CNBC, this very short interval took 247 "zeptoseconds", and what is known in
The largest scientific mission to be carried out in the Arctic has returned to Bremerhaven in northwestern Germany, after a year of research on climate change. The German Alfred-Wegener Institute announced the return of the icebreaker "Polarstern", which docked in the port with a fleet of ships and a
The Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded Wednesday to Emmanuel Charpantier and American Jennifer Daoudna, two geneticists who developed "molecular scissors" capable of modifying human genes, a revolutionary achievement in the field of chemistry. The jury declared during the announcement of the two winners' names in Stockholm that the
A number of researchers have revealed that cannabis can help prevent deadly lung diseases associated with the Coronavirus Researchers have found one of the main active ingredients in cannabis that helps reduce the infection caused by the virus. This component is known as "Tetrahydrocannabinol", which is known as THC,
By:Nadeemy Haded British newspaper "The Guardian" revealed that a study began to investigate the ability of nicotine patches to fight the emerging corona virus, after the idea was put forward by doctors in a hospital in Wales. France decided last week to ban the storage of nicotine products, after
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