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Heide Julz:

    We all need herbs first because many of its healthy benefits , secondly because we use them as part of our meal ingredients every day.
But buying these herbs with many dollars ,may make us back away from buying and dispensing  them.
In the following simple report we will reveal seven herbs that you can plant in the water and get a great result with a few dollars ;

1- Oregano 

is a great perennial herb that can be grown in water. Oregano can be great for cooking and can also help you when you’re sick.


2- Basil

   is an essential herb to have in the kitchen! A quick tip is to always add your basil to your food at the last minute, because if you add it too soon it will lose its flavor.

3- Sage

You can also grow sage in water! It is a great herb to add to festive dishes because of it’s unique flavor. It can also be used to help with inflammations or infections for your mouth and throat.


It’s time to grow your own thyme! This herb is another favorite and although it may not last as long as other herbs, it is still worth it to have fresh, homegrown thyme.



is an herb that tastes great and smells divine too! Use your leftover rosemary to make your own home fragrance you can burn.

6- Stevia

If you are trying to cut back on sugar, use Stevia as a substitute. This herb can sweeten your food and make it taste great without having to turn to sugar to get the job done.

 7- peppermint

Just thinking about peppermint can start to make your mouth water! You can grow your own in water and use it for foods, scents, soaps, tea, and COUNTLESS other things!

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