By:Nadeemy Haded

Environmental reports have warned that the largest iceberg in the world is about to enter the ocean, after separating from the frozen south pole in July 2017.

According to "Fox News", the glacier known as the "E 68" in the scientific community is slowly moving north.

When he separated from the ice sheet "C", years ago, the area of ​​the iceberg was approximately 2,300 square miles, and he has only lost a limited percentage of its size since then.

Scientists estimate the size of this ice island as large as the state of Delaware in the United States, as it is four times the size of the Greater London region.

Reports indicate that this iceberg, which weighs one trillion tons, will find it difficult to maintain its current shape, when it reaches the southern waters of the ocean.

It will be a real surprise, Swansea University researcher said, if this separate mountain maintains its consistency after crossing the sea ice threshold.

He stressed the necessity of subjecting these icebergs that are separated from the pole to intense monitoring, in order to avoid confusing maritime traffic.

He added that the danger depends on the path of the iceberg, but the bodies studying the area monitor the icebergs, including the small parts, and inform the ships about them.

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