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 Sharm El-Shaikh


The 14th International Conference on Biodiversity is  opened today in Sharm El Sheeh city with attendance the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdul Fattah  Al Sisi

The opening of the conference starts with when Mexico's Ambassador in Egypt, Jose Octavio, officially handed over the presidency of the Fourteenth Conference of Biological Diversity to Egypt till 2020.

Egypt is the first Arab and African country to host this event, which is the largest international conference of the United Nations in the field of conservation of biological diversity and environment, and an important platform for enhancing cooperation and humanitarian participation among the peoples of the world to increase awareness of the importance of biodiversity, Ambassador Bassam Radi spokesman of the presidency said. .

The conference, which will be chaired by Egypt until 2020, will further enhance Egypt's role and vision in decision-making and related policies, which will establish Egypt's leading role in this important field and reflect the state's interest in sustainable development issues. Contributes to attracting more foreign investments to this sector in order to preserve the environment and support tourism and preserve the Egyptian nature reserves, which occupy about 15% ؜ of the geographical area of ​​the Egyptian country and distributed to 30 nature reserves at the level of the Republic frequented by millions of visitors annually.

In his inaugural address, H.E. Abdul Fattah AlSisi said in his opening word in the conference that Egypt had established a strong constitution with solid foundations for preserving the environment and its wealth

The president explained that the world's consumption annually exceeds 30% more than the systems produced by the systems, which emphasizes the need to preserve biological diversity

In his opening statement to the Fourteenth World Conference on Biological Diversity,president AlSisi added 

"The conference comes at a time when biodiversity is at risk, and Egypt is determined to work with all parties to raise awareness of this issue and hence we recognize the value of a sustainable development component to project  the  future generations and their health. The  biological diversity must be maintained within global systems,"  President Abdel Fattah al-sisi said

The Egyptian president stressed the need to find an integrated program to deal with environmental changes and that Egypt has launched an initiative in line with the integration of biological diversity with all Egyptian sectors.

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