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Castle Journal - Nadeemy Haded


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday urged Lebanon's political leaders to help form a new government to meet the needs of its people after Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned following mass protests against the ruling elite.

"The peaceful demonstrations and expressions of national unity in the past 13 days have sent a clear message. The Lebanese people want an efficient and effective government, economic reform and an end to rampant corruption," Pompeo said in a statement.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday submitted his resignation to President Michel Aoun. "I do not hide you, I have reached a dead end and it has become a great shock to confront the crisis," he said. Lots of Lebanese who took to the squares to demand change. "

After the speech, Hariri traveled to the Baabda Presidential Palace where he met for a few minutes in which he formally resigned and went out without making any statement.


The French Senate has debated a bill requiring Muslim mothers wearing the hijab to take it off during "school outings."

The bill under consideration on Tuesday comes amid weeks of uproar over secularism in France, with the headscarf at the center of the debate.

The thorny issue moved to the headlines in mid-October, after a representative of the far-right National Front party in a provincial council demanded that a Muslim woman take off the veil, causing uproar. Senators Blanker said any law banning headscarves in school outings would be "futile."

A 2005 law banned students from wearing headscarves in the classroom, but there is little chance of passing the new bill in the House of Representatives.

Source Sky News

Russia, the United States, China and Pakistan in a joint statement called on the Afghan government and the "Taliban" to ensure that Afghan territory is not used as a platform for launching terrorist attacks.

The four states "call on Afghans, including the government and the Taliban, to ensure that international terrorists do not use Afghan territory to threaten the security of any other country," the State Department said in a final statement released by the State Department on Monday.

The final statement stressed that a peaceful solution to the Afghan issue can be formulated only through negotiations, and requires a reduction in the level of violence.

The document also called on the Afghan government and the "Taliban" to release a number of prisoners to launch the Afghan-Afghan negotiations.

The four countries also welcomed Beijing's hosting of the next round of negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban.

Source: Interfax

Bulgaria has demanded the withdrawal of a Russian diplomat, after accusing him of spying. The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said that it had summoned the Russian ambassador on October 25.

According to some media, the diplomat in question left the country on Monday, and the first secretary of the Russian embassy.

Earlier on Monday, the Bulgarian prosecutor's office announced the start of a criminal case against a Russian diplomat, but the case was frozen because the person enjoys diplomatic immunity.

"The Office of the Specialized Prosecutor has opened a criminal case against a foreign national for a crime against the Republic," the office said in a statement.

He said that this foreign citizen has collected information that represents the secrets of a State, and concerns the interests of Bulgaria, the European Union and NATO and transferred to a foreign country.

The Russian embassy in Sofia declined to comment on the report.

Source: Agencies


LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday did not get enough majority to pass his proposal for early elections on December 12 in a bid to break a political deadlock over Brexit. At the European level, EU leaders agreed to a third extension of the Brexit process until 31 January 2020.

The British parliament on Monday rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson's bid for early elections on December 12 aimed at breaking the political deadlock over Brexit.

299 deputies voted in favor of Johnson's proposal, while 70 voted against it, but did not get the support of two-thirds of the 650-member parliament, which is required by law to pass his proposal. Most members of the opposition Labor Party abstained


Former US National Intelligence Director James Clapper compared the liquidation of ISIS and al-Qaeda leaders.

Speaking on CNN, Clapper said he was hesitant to discuss who was the worst terrorist targeted by the United States, but stressed that Osama bin Laden had a far greater impact because ISIS was not responsible for the killing. Thousands of people are on US soil as is the case with al-Qaeda and bin Laden.

Clapper said he was confident that "targeting bin Laden had the greatest impact, especially since ISIS is in a weak position now.

"Former US President Barack Obama had less certain intelligence than Trump had," Clapper said. "So the decision to raid Trump was much easier, thanks to America's Iraqi allies, especially the Kurds, who provided intelligence to the US about where. The presence of Baghdadi. "

He continued: "In the case of bin Laden, the United States did not have accurate information about his whereabouts, and therefore Obama's decision to raid was difficult and courageous."

US President Donald Trump said Baghdadi was the worst among terrorists.

The White House released a picture of the US president following the process of Baghdadi's liquidation, similar to a picture posted earlier to Obama as he pursued bin Laden's liquidation.

Source: CNN

LONDON (Reuters) - British police have found 39 bodies of people killed in a truck in an industrial area in south-east England.

A police statement in the city of Essex, the ambulance police in the city received a notification in the early hours of Wednesday morning, to find a truck with people killed inside the Waterglad industrial park on Eastern Avenue Avenue.

According to British police, all the dead were adults except one teenager.

According to the statement, British police arrested a 25-year-old person on suspicion of links to the incident.

"This is a tragic incident in which a large number of people have been killed," Essex police chief Andrew Mariner said. "Our investigation is continuing to determine what happened. We are in the process of identifying the victims, but I expect it will be a long process." We believe the truck came from Bulgaria and entered the country on Saturday. October 19, we are working closely with our partners to investigate. '

He explained, "We have arrested the driver of the truck in connection with the incident, and is still detained by the police as our investigations continue."

"I was shocked by this tragic incident in Essex. I receive regular updates from the Home Office and I will work closely with the Essex police to find out what really happened," he said in a Twitter tweet. Their lives and loved ones

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