By:Nadeemy Haded

Apple has released the first beta of the new operating system, and it appears to have an "undeclared" feature, that may allow the user to unlock and start the car using a phone or an Apple watch.

The iOS 13.4 beta includes a programming interface for the new "CarKey" app, which means "car key", according to Apple's 9to5Mac website.

The application will allow the unlocking of the car door, using an iPhone or an Apple watch, without using the key at all.

The feature will work with modern cars whose systems include the "NFC" feature, which allows sharing data between phones and cars.

The site said that the digital key will be present in the Wallet, or Wallet, application for the iPhone, and the user can also share the digital car key through this application, with another person's Apple device.

Some car companies today already allow the phone to be used as a digital car key through their applications, but they impose some restrictions during the process.

The Korean company Hyundai has a digital key app, but it only works for Android phones, and it only works with the 2020 Sonata cars.

So Apple may come up with a new solution, which will allow more people to enter their cars over the phone, at an expected end of the classic car key.

The app is still only present in the first beta version of iOS 13.4, and it is not clear if the final version of the iPhone OS will include the car key application.

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