By:Nadeemy Haded

The maestro on his platform does not hold a stick, does not wear a formal coat, and does not have a written music track, yet the robot (Android Alter 3) raises a whirlwind while driving symphonic orchestras.

The robot has a face, hands, and arms like humans that move with what can be described as enthusiasm as it jumps up and down and rotates during a live demonstration of the opera "Scary Beauty" (Skinny Beauty) by Kushiro Shibuya in the Emirate of Sharjah.

For Shibuya, a composer from Japan, the role of robots in our daily lives may be increasing, but it is up to us to decide how artificial intelligence can increase human experience, and that humans and robots can make art together.

"This work is an expression of relationships between people and technology," Shibuya said. "The robot will sometimes act madly and the human orchestras will follow. But sometimes people can cooperate with great comfort."

Shibuya composed the melody, but the robot controls the speed of rhythm and the power of sound during a live show, and sometimes even sings.

"It is assumed that the robot itself is moving with its own free will," technician Kotobuki Hikaru said.

The words of the artwork are based on the literary texts of the American writer William Burroughs, who belongs to the literary movement "Generation Bet" and the French author Michel Welbeck.

Shibuya said: "The robots and the artificial intelligence that currently exists are not at all complete. My focus ... is focused on what happens when this incomplete technology meets art.

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