By: Nadeemy Haded

China has made a great achievement in developing an "ion engine" that uses magnetic fields, an important technology for propelling and launching spacecraft.

Researchers from the Chinese company for space science and technology "CASC", developed the first ion engine of its kind in the country with a power of up to 20 kW, that can produce a propulsion capacity of up to one newton.

It is noteworthy that "Newton" is the unit of force in the system of kilograms per second, and represents the force that, if it affected the mass of one kilogram, would have gained an acceleration of 1 meter per second squared.

According to the Chinese English-language newspaper "Global Times", this achievement represents a leap for ion engines in China from the level of "millimeters of newton (a thousand newtons) to the level of" newtons "

Ionic motors applications include controlling the direction and position of orbital satellites, and their use as the main propulsion engine for medium-sized robotic spacecraft.

During the test, the drive motor showed stable operation, with a specific impulse or "pulse" of 3068 seconds and a work efficiency of more than 70 percent, bringing it to the international advanced level.

According to the Chinese newspaper, such a high-strength technology equipped with strong propulsion features and high reliability will be able to provide highly efficient thrust force for positioning, orbital maneuvering and control of the motion of satellites orbiting in geostationary orbit, deep space probes, and space shuttles.

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