By: Nadeemy Haded

A researcher revealed that the CIA developed a technology aimed at restricting the use of portable anti-aircraft missiles after they left the US forces arsenal.

Experts say the technology may persuade Washington that deploying increasingly powerful weapons is a safe procedure.

"The new technology aims to restrict shoulder-held air defense systems," Reuters quoted quoted Dutch researcher Gus Fitzls as saying to a cyber security conference in Leipzig, Germany recently.

Fitzales revealed that this method was contained in a set of CIA documents published by WikiLeaks in 2017, noting that an error occurred at the time of naming the files, so many people did not notice them.

In this regard, this expert concluded that the CIA had concluded a "smart solution for controlling weapons", capable of restricting the use of missiles "for a specific time and place."

This technology, referred to as "Geofensing" or the geographic surroundings, prevents the missile from being used outside its assigned geographical area.

In particular, it has been reported that high-altitude shoulder-fired missiles supplied to the United States by its allies can contribute to wars, but they are often lost, sold, or transferred to extremists.

In this context, I note that American officials spent billions of dollars to get rid of the shoulder-fired "Stinger" anti-air missiles that the United States supplied fighters in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as from other regions around the world.

Source: Reuters

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