By: Nadeemy Haded

According to the Russian news agency "TASS" that Russia deployed radar "Resonance-N", during the month of November, in the archipelago "Novaya Zemlya", and is working to put it on combat alert.

The radar will be able to detect ballistic targets as well as cruise missiles, hypersonic targets and stealth aircraft, the agency said, citing armystandard.

The radar has been specially upgraded to operate in the far north, and will greatly enhance the combat capabilities of the Arctic anti-aircraft group, to protect the Ural, Siberia and Central Russia regions, the agency said, citing the website.

It noted that the radar capabilities allow detection of air targets at distances from 600 km to 1200 km, and at the same time, it detects targets at altitudes up to 100 km.

The agency said that the exported version of this radar is located in Egypt called "Resonance-NE", and can detect the movement of all objects in the airspace not only on the territory of Egypt, but also in Israel and Syria.

The RESONANCE-NE radar station is called OVER THE HORIZON OTH and operates within the METRIC WAVE BAND. Its principle is based on the reflection of the radar waves on the ionosphere in the atmosphere, which increases its effectiveness on reflective surfaces. Ghosts of flying objects, and enables them to detect targets from very long distances unlike other radars whose waves spread in a straight line making their range short.

Source: TASS

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