A Chinese startup has announced that it will be able to develop a more accurate "fingerprint" identification system, based on the precise features of veins within the human hand, while most identification technology companies choose to focus on facial recognition.

The Chinese company says it has developed a system called "Air Wave", a system of high-precision efficiency identification, as it is a million times more accurate than face recognition technology.

There are only 80 to 280 points on the face that AI can evaluate when conducting an individual survey, but Air Wave is capable of scanning more than a million small points in the palm in less than 0.3 seconds, making it unsuitable, according to the Odette Central

website. Cheatable.

Chie Qinglu, founder of Milox, says AI-based AirWave technology is capable of sensing millions of tiny points from key veins to capillaries.

"The main subcutaneous veins and capillaries are unique, and are at the level of five micrometers and more sophisticated than the capital's road systems."

"Air Wave technology can pinpoint one hand out of a billion hands accurately in less than three-tenths of a second," Qinglu was quoted as saying by the China Daily.

Airwave technology was unveiled in 2018 and is already present in several government cafeterias and public service areas in south China's Guangzhou Province.

The website "Odity Central" that the company "Milox" is in talks with one of the metro operators in Guangzhou to use the service "Air Wave".

Source Sky News

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