By|Hue Gey

    Huawei Middle East and Africa Group Chairman Jin Jiao said the company has unveiled a new series of Huawei-10 smartphones supported by artificial intelligence technology.

Jiao said at the launch of the new series Thursday that the use of artificial intelligence technology in the Huawei Mait 10 series allows the ability to cross the border and enter the era of smart phones that enhance the level of interaction between man and machine, and enhance the possibility of expanding capabilities, thanks to its enhanced performance Speed ​​and ability to download and connect more quickly.

This is due to the importance of the new series of phones and the most characteristic of them is the "speed" that came with the support of the processor "Kerin 970". Huawei launched it specifically for these phones.
The Kerin 970 processor works on fast charging through smart power consumption through Supercharged technology and the camera supported by the AI ​​chip. It includes two 4G 4G communication chips, as well as three-dimensional designs.

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