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The "Snapchat" application unveiled a new feature that competes with "Instagram" and "Tik Tok", for users of iOS devices. The application stated in an online blog that "Snapchat" users on iOS devices will be able to add music clips to the clips that they shoot and publish. The application
Apple revealed 4 new phones from the iPhone 12, all of which support the fifth generation 5G, and include new and different features, especially with regard to the camera, processor and rigidity. The new phones are the iPhone 12 at a price starting at $ 799, the iPhone 12
Leaks accelerated ahead of Apple's announcement of its expected "iPhone 12" phone, later Tuesday. The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported that the new phone's camera would be able to zoom in (zoom) 30 times, three times the capacity of the previous version. An account specializing in iPhone leaks said
A patent application for the US company "Apple" revealed an innovative design for a foldable smartphone that supports a flexible screen capable of self-repairing scratches. According to the "The Verge", a technical news site, the application, which was monitored by "Patently Apple", was submitted last January. According to the
Rumors have spread about the new "iPhone 12" phone for months, sparking speculation about upcoming major updates that may worry rival Android phones, especially Samsung. There are still many unknowns about the new "iPhone 12", the details of which we will discover at the upcoming Apple conference at the
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