Reported by|Rawan Sharaqy Beet is one of the most important fruits and vegetables in the same times because has 2 kinds one such as sugar beet and draws from it the local sugar and from another type of vegetables … Red beet has a high importance to human health
Reported by|David Wanton Researcher Dr. Francesca Fako, from the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Study said that about 751 pregnant women were put under a study to know the effect of sleeping on weight gain in pregnant women . The researchers monitored the sleep patterns
Author| CHARLIE PULSIPHER What you know about Cardamom ? Of course most of people around world ,just know it is an Indian native spice that peoples could use in their food that add special flavor to our dishes and recipes…but no ones other benefits for this evergreen forests spice
Reported By|Hue Gey According to DPA .agency said that;Reported cases of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus eclipsed those of the Zika virus in Brazil thisyear The number of reported chikungunya cases has risen nearly tenfold since 2015, when only 26,435 cases were reported. Altogether 138 people died from the disease
Report | RAWAN SHARKY Healthy body harmonious rarely suffers from health problems, so all doctors advised to follow a diet if a person found an increase in weight so as not to cause him several diseases, especially heart disease, diabetes and pressure, back pain and knees, as well as
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