With many of us aware of how important our health is more than ever, can hypnosis be the answer to getting rid of the habit of smoking addiction?

Quitting smoking comes with a host of benefits, from allowing breathing more easily to improving fertility.

Respiratory Therapist Susan Hepburn spoke to Express to discuss how mind power can help you stop smoking forever.

Hepburn said hypnosis is a mind-changing revolution: a simple technique that will rid you of addictive behaviors forever.

"Hypnosis can help in the most common unhealthy habits, an addiction that can be for a variety of things - food, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, shopping, sex, computers, social media, etc. When it comes to addiction, it can There are many complex reasons why one feels compelled to take a break from real life and indulge in a fictional world. For some, the world of fiction is self-immersion more than once. ”

When asked about what exactly addiction is and why it is difficult to treat it, Susan replied: "Addiction is a compulsion to engage in a specific activity and to repeat this activity over and over again, to become unable to stop. Anyone can develop addiction. But the experience of addiction varies from person to person. This is because There are many factors - your personality and behavior, the circumstances of your life and the substance or behavior you are addicted to. "

Susan revealed that hypnotherapy allows you to reach your inner mind easily - the part of the mind that controls desire and impulses.

She added: "Once you get there, you will effectively delete the behaviors, emotional attachments and thoughts that cause your addictive behavior in the first place from your subconscious mind, whether it is alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex or anything else. This is like deleting files from a computer. It "reprograms" your mind with positive and healthy thoughts and behaviors that enhance life.

And when it comes to some of the changes that can happen to a person's mind and body, through the use of hypnosis, Susan said that after hypnotherapy, many clients reported feeling a completely new person. “The results are long-term and almost immediate,” she said. This is because hypnotherapy teaches you to reprogram your mind, and you will find it easy to identify and change your problematic addictive behavior, whatever the matter, and replace it with positive and healthy behavior patterns. "

The expert uses the method of hypnosis as a form of deep relaxation, but in this case it is possible to bypass the conscious mind and reach the subconscious, which can then be reprogrammed.

And when it comes to people who want to quit smoking using hypnosis, Susan explained: "Hypnosis works well with quitting smoking because it removes the feelings of guilt, anxiety, and stress associated with addiction. It is a simple but radical way to control your life without treatment. Most people People who suffer from addiction already know what to do in order to quit their addiction, but it all seems very difficult. Hypnosis can free anyone from any addiction, provided you have the motivation to want it yourself. It is also a way to control your life. , Restore your self-confidence and rebuild healthy and normal relationships with those close to you. "

Source: Express

By:Nadeemy Haded

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