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American researchers found that the new corona virus is able to attack the main cells in the nose, which may explain that some people with "Covid-19" lose their ability to smell and taste.

A study, conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and published on Saturday, to the genomic data of humans and mice, found that certain cells in the back of the nose contain characteristic proteins targeted by the Corona virus to invade the body, and they said that infection of these cells can lead directly or indirectly To change the sense of smell.

Doctors around the world had pointed out in accounts about the "Covid-19" infection to symptoms that appeared in patients who experienced sudden, unjustified total or partial loss of smell and taste.

The star of the American basketball championship, French Rudi Auber, had pointed to such symptoms when he was infected.

On March 22, the American Academy of Otolaryngology said the medically known cases of olfactory anemia and defect in taste were "important symptoms" associated with the Covid-19 epidemic.

The academy suggested adding these symptoms to the list of screening tools for possible infection from the new Coruna virus, Bloomberg reported.

And the academy has shown that people who suffer from these symptoms in the absence of other known causes should consider self-isolation and take a test for Coronavirus.

David Bran and Sandeep Robert Robert Datta, professors of the Department of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, said that inflammation in the nasal cavity caused by the epidemic infection may hinder the sense of smell, but they also indicated that the virus might infect and damage cells in the olfactory epithelium. Which negatively affects the normal function of smell.

The researchers claimed that revealing the cause of sensory loss has important implications for supporting the diagnosis and identifying the effects of the Corona epidemic, and they said: “Moreover, patients with critical dysfunction in smell are at risk of nutritional deficiency and injuries due to the inability to smell hazardous odors, such as smoke Gas and spoiled foods, and they are also vulnerable to mental disorders, especially depression. "

For its part, the World Health Organization announced that it is not yet able to confirm with absolute confidence that these symptoms can constitute conclusive evidence of the existence of the disease caused by infection with the Coronavirus.

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