By: Nadeemy Haded

In a hospital in the northeastern city of Harbin, a woman with Corona virus gave birth to a girl who is fully recovered from the disease, local official media confirmed Monday.

The local health committee in Harbin announced that the girl, who was born last Thursday, weighs 3.5 kilograms and is in good health, according to the Chinese newspaper "China Daily".

But the surprise revealed by the newspaper, is that the two tests that were conducted for the newborn, which came after 38 weeks of pregnancy, have proven free of the Coronavirus, which has killed more than 360 people in China so far.

After days in quarantine, medical sources confirmed that the mother's condition is stable, after she underwent a caesarean delivery under the supervision of obstetricians, respirators and newborns.

The China Daily newspaper said that the medical team, which was involved in following up the mother and child's condition and performing the entire surgery, is currently under medical observation.

And China announced, on Monday, the death toll of the viral respiratory disease to 361 people, out of more than 17 thousand infected with the disease, knowing that the Corona virus has spread in 24 countries.

The Chinese government imposed strict restrictions in the central city of Wuhan, where the disease had spread, and tightened quarantine measures so that only one family member was allowed to leave to buy their food needs.

Chinese military medical teams continued to arrive in Wuhan to relieve the health burden in the city, while several countries evacuated their nationals from the city.

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