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Doctors in Italy have spoken of the first clear evidence linking Covid 19 disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, and a rare and serious disorder that affects autoimmune.

An autoimmune disorder is a disorder that affects the immune system while fighting what are believed to be foreign substances, causing it to mistakenly attack the body's own tissues.

According to the British newspaper "The Guardian", this sometimes requires that some children undergo life-saving treatment in the intensive care units, when they have corona.

This appears to be the latest find about the Corona virus, which scientists say they do not know much about, especially after it was found that it has many symptoms that go beyond the respiratory system, and its effects affect parts other than the lungs, as is well known.

And mysterious cases of the new exhibitor appeared last month, when health officials in Britain issued a warning to doctors, as a number of children were hospitalized with symptoms of strange nature.

These symptoms were a mixture of "toxic shock" and other symptoms that usually appear as a result of a defective immune system, known as "Kawasaki".

On Tuesday, a hospital in London announced the death of a 14-year-old, the first known death among children in Britain. Between 75 and 100 children are being treated for the Corona virus.

Symptoms of a new infection that affects children due to an immune system disorder include: fever, rash, red eyes, chapped lips, and abdominal pain.

Doctors suspected that corona plays a role in the disorder that affects children, which provokes an excessive immune response to them.

However, this suspicion was confirmed in Italy, specifically in Bergamo, in the north of the country, the city most affected by Corona, as records there showed that the children's cases of "Kawasaki" had risen to 10 after the epidemic arrived, compared to three before it.

Of the 10 children treated for this disorder between mid-February and mid-April, 8 were found to be infected with the emerging coronavirus.

And even the other two cases, the doctors said that their negative diagnosis was wrong.

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