By:Nadeemy Haded

Officials at the Elysee Palace said Thursday that officials from the French company "Sanofi" for the pharmaceutical industry will attend a high-level meeting in the presidential palace next week.

The company had stated that the vaccines it manufactures in the United States may go to American patients first have aroused President Emmanuel Macron's anger.

The official said, "These statements have offended all concerned, starting with the president."

He added that he has no knowledge of any direct contact by telephone with Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer "Sanofi".

He continued, saying: "Next week, a meeting will be held in the Elysee to try to overcome this and work together." It is not yet clear who will attend the meeting.

In the context of the same, Chief Executive Officer of "Sanofi" Paul Hodson said, today, it is necessary to reach any vaccine for the virus Corona to all regions, hours after the government warned the French giant pharmaceutical to suggest that some countries will receive the priority of the arrival of the vaccine.

Hudson said he regretted his remarks on Wednesday that any vaccine developed by Sanofi in the United States could go to American patients, pointing to the need for a real debate in Europe about how the bloc countries move collectively and faster in the search for a new vaccine and that "Sanofi" were paid The block for months to do so.

Source: Reuters

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