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The US Congress to study the possibility of using the remains of dead bodies in the manufacture of organic fertilizer,US state television channel NBC said on Thursday.

The bill, backed by US Congressman Jimmy Pedersen, according to the NBC news report, allows the US to "reshape" human remains through a process that accelerates the degradation to turn it into nutrient-saturated soil that can be returned to relatives of the deceased.

Pedersen said the method would be "useful to people who can not afford normal funerals or do not consider cremation a convenient and convenient way."
Similar to the process of converting the body of the deceased to a large composting process is the traditional compost, where the remains can be placed in a non-compound fertilizer chamber, and leaves to decompose organic such as wood chips or straw material extent.

The air is sometimes drawn into the chamber to help microbes speed up the decomposition, and within a month, only fertilizer remains.
It is also expected that the process will be cheaper than the funeral if approved, as it is expected to cost about $ 5,500, compared with 7 thousand according to the Society in Washington, the organization of funerals managers.
If the US bill is passed, it will take effect in May 2020.

Source:  Novosti-RUSSIA today RT

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