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The United Nations announced Thursday that about 80 million people, or more than 1% of humanity, have been forced to leave their homes to escape violence and persecution, and today they live far from their homes, in a record number that has doubled in a decade. In its annual
On Sunday, the Venezuelan opposition, which has a majority in parliament, announced its withdrawal from the upcoming legislative elections by the end of the year, describing this process as a "farce." Representatives of 11 political organizations, including the four most prominent opposition parties, said that "the Venezuelan democratic parties
On Sunday morning, the South Korean government held an emergency meeting, against the background of the sister of the North Korean leader, the first vice-chairman of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee, Kim Yu-jung. South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported on Sunday that the presidential office of the Standing
Hong Kong authorities scolded a policeman for the riot police, after he appeared in a video chanting "Black lives are important" and "I cannot breathe," while participating in a security patrol, according to media. Internet sites, including the government-funded website of the Hong Kong Public Radio and Television Corporation,
 The US Embassy in Seoul hung a huge banner bearing the phrase "Blacks Life Important" (Black Lives Mater) on its mission building, in support of an anti-racist campaign throughout the United States. The embassy in Seoul posted a black and white banner image on its Twitter page. The American
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