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by|Abeer Almadawy The Saudi arabia Kingdom reaffirmed its desire to cooperate in any international effort aimed at empowering women in various fields, working to eradicate all forms of discrimination and violence against them, increasing their cultural, economic level and their health, which is in line with the principles and
Yemen's minister of human rights Dr. Mohammed Askar post with a demand to the Geneva-based human rights council to implement its decision pledging to provide technological support for the Yemeni national committee for investigation.In a symposium organized by the Arab British Center for Strategic Studies and Development in Geneva
 By/ Abeer Almadawy In a Full report Egypt has sent to all the international and local media, replies on the previous HRW report that was released before a week by The American organization (Human Rights Watch) Where HRW accused Egypt's authorities with violating the rules of human rights in
Washington; The BBC complained today from an Iranian harassment against its crew from 152 journalists who are prevented to sell or buy assets. BBC reported that it had obtained a copy of a court order from the Shahid Moghadas Courthouse in Tehran preventing the broadcaster's staff, former staff, and
The Indigenous peoples, are an old story of the unfairness against them ....may some people don't know who are the indigenous though they are known as first peoples, aboriginal peoples, native peoples, or autochthonous peoples, or you can say they are ethnic groups who are descended from and identify
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