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Mexico suffered 35,588 murders in 2019, a record number, and the village of Ayahualtimba and other thousands of cities was not far from these crimes, so it assigned a militia of children to it.

The Washington Post, in its report from the village of Ayahualtemp, says that no matter who is in power, Mexico remains a country where violence is high.

But violence takes on completely different forms throughout Mexico, a country separated by tribal wars over regional control and leadership. In Culiacan, a mafia who will get the country's security forces fighting with military weapons.

In Ayahualtimba, a village of 600 indigenous people, local police carry old hunting rifles in their war against a powerful drug mafia, known as Los Ardelos, and control a nearby town.

For several years, Ayahualtimba has maintained its own defense forces, dozens of armed men who patrol the village and operate checkpoints, and observation posts on incomplete rooftops.

Self-defense forces are legal in the state of Guerrero, in which the village of Ayahualtimba is located and recognized by the federal government.

But over the past year, the Special Defense Forces, known as CRAC-PF, were in a difficult position, after 26 people were killed in the area that includes Ayahualtimba and 15 other towns.

Last month, gunmen shot 10 musicians from these towns who were traveling to a concert, and they cremated their bodies, among them a 15-year-old boy.

From that moment, the founder of the Special Defense Forces, Bernardino Sanchez Luna, 48, decided with the region's leaders to allow the children to join the force. In recent months, 17 boys dressed in similar shirts joined the force.

Children under the age of 12 carry hand-held rifles, while those under the age of 12 carry working rifles.

"If the government cannot protect them, they should be trained to defend themselves," Sanchez Luna said.

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