A lengthy report published by the Washington Institute for Middle East Studies on what he called "the shadow war between North Korea and Israel", revealing several incidents and hidden events very exciting.

In a report entitled "The Shadow War between North Korea and Israel," US expert Jay Solomon detailed what he saw as a covert war since the 1960s between North Korea and Israel, echoing Israel's failed secret attempts to co-opt North Korea.

"Rumors circulated in North Korea at one point that the Mossad was active in conducting sabotage operations targeting North Korea. In the spring of 2004, a North Korean train traveling near the Chinese border was hit by a massive explosion that killed more than 100 people," the expert said. 50 people. "

It quoted Asian press reports claiming at the time that "Syrian soldiers were among the victims," ​​and speculation that "Israeli spies targeted the train to disrupt Pyongyang's missile exports."

Solomon, however, commented on this exciting information, pointing out that he could not confirm, despite his shuttle flights in this regard between Seoul and Tel Aviv.

Another very interesting thing, according to Chinese press reports, was that in June 1973, Pyongyang sent a "North Korean Air Force mission of 20 experienced fighter pilots who had conducted sorties against US forces on the Korean Peninsula."

When the war broke out in 1973, the US expert said, "Israeli soldiers talked about clashes with North Korean warplanes over Sinai." "Mig is led by two North Korean pilots."

"In the months following the October war, Israeli military intelligence spotted conversations among Syrian aircraft commanders in language that clearly did not appear to be original in the Middle East or the Syrian Arab Republic," the expert claimed.

In the same context, he said, Israeli officials made efforts to identify "these mysterious fighter pilots," and for that they sent "captured calls to the Pentagon for analysis. They were stunned by the response they received from Washington. The Americans reported that they were North Koreans attached to the Syrian army."

Source: washingtoninstitute

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