US President Donald Trump's envoy to the Middle East peace negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, published a farewell message shortly before leaving office, in which he talked about the difference between killing Israelis and Palestinians.

In a letter published on CNN Friday, Greenblatt said he intends to resign from government service to return to work in the private sector and rejoin his family, expressing his pride in "protecting the Jewish state under the authority of the president, who is Israel's

greatest friend in its history." But without any friendly words to the Palestinian side.

He declined to mention the Palestinian Authority at all in his letter, and attacked Hamas and Islamic Jihad, saying that they are ready to sacrifice the lives of two million Palestinians in order to achieve their mission, "the destruction of the State of Israel," adding that

their confidence that they will succeed in that It calls for even greater amazement.

Greenblatt said he was disappointed that "many people behave as if the visions of others are worthless" because of their differing positions with the Trump administration, and complained about "the extent of misinformation" over the Palestinian-Israeli and Arab-

Israeli conflict.

Greenblatt expressed regret over the obstacles preventing the Trump administration from "improving the lives of the Palestinians" and the absence of any solution to end the control of "Hamas" and "Islamic Jihad" in the Gaza Strip.

The envoy also noted that his grief over the civilian casualties in the conflict mainly concerns Israelis who were “killed in cold blood by terrorist attacks and rockets fired from Gaza,” adding: “I am saddened by some believing that there is ethical equality between

those killed by terrorists in cold blood. And those killed by chance because of Israel's continued need to defend itself from attacks. "

Source: CNN

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