The head of the Committee on International Relations of the Council of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Kosachov, expressed his conviction that Washington's intention to strengthen its forces in the Middle East does not indicate that it is preparing a ground

operation against Iran

Reports of US plans to move additional troops to the Middle East after attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities reveal the true goals Donald Trump was seeking to achieve, he told Interfax news agency on Saturday. Fuss about events in the region. " He explained that the

US president was looking for an excuse to "cancel the withdrawal from there, after it was announced previously loudest voice."

The Russian senator said that Trump's motives include the activity of the pro-Israel lobby group in his surroundings, and his desire to show his resolve to Congress and anyone who blamed him for losing the initiative in the Middle East in favor of Russia and Iran.

However, Kosachov said that this does not necessarily mean that the Trump administration is preparing to launch a ground operation against Iran. But he noted that strengthening the US military presence in the region "is in fact a factor of growing tension and an

increased risk of escalation of conflicts and sudden scenarios," adding that regional actors, including Saudi Arabia, "should think carefully."

Earlier on Saturday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that President Trump had agreed to send additional troops to the Middle East, in response to a request by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to send military reinforcements to the region, in

the wake of the devastating strikes on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, on September 16.

The Houthi group Ansar Allah in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attacks using drones and winged missiles, but the United States and Saudi Arabia have accused Iran of being behind them, a charge denied by Iran.

Esber stressed Washington's adherence to holding Tehran responsible for the attacks, explaining that the weapons used in it are Iranian-made. He also noted that missiles and drones were not fired from Yemen (without mentioning where they were fired, according to

the United States).

He stressed that the United States does not seek a military confrontation with Iran, calling on them to abandon "aggressive behavior."

Source: Interfax

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