In a comment for US president Doland Trump said the British Prime Minister Teresa May's Brexit agreement  with the European Union could threaten a US-British trade deal, US President Donald Trump said on Monday.

Trump did not point which aspect of the EU exit agreement takes him concern, but told reporters that the brexit deal "looks like a great deal for the EU."
However ,The British prime minister Teresa May stressed that the agreement was "very clear" that Britain will have an independent trade policy so that it can sign trade agreements with countries in different parts of the world.

Teresa May has been fiercely criticized by members of the British parliament for agreeing to leave the European Union, since she launched her vision and near to reach to a solution with EU,in their negotiating.
"The agreement reinstates the British control of their laws, their money and their limits" Terra's May .Adding that the vote on the deal on Dec. 11.

Hours later, Trump told reporters outside the White House, "We must seriously consider whether Britain will be able to do business."
"Because at the moment if you look at the agreement, they may not be able to trade with us, and that would not be a good thing, I do not think they meant it."
Trump appears to be leading Britain to be unable to negotiate a free trade agreement with the United States.

In response to Trump, a Downing Street spokesman said the EU exit agreement agreed on Sunday would allow Britain to sign a bilateral agreement with countries such as the United States.
"We are already laying the groundwork for an ambitious agreement with the United States through our joint action groups, which have already met five times," the spokesman said.
John Sobel, the BBC's North American editor, said Trump's comments were provocative, as trade would "continue in the same way as before" for the time being.
EU rules now prevent Britain from concluding bilateral agreements that some may see as more profitable with the United States.

Source: BBC

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