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Palestinian forces within the Green Line, calls for the unity of the Palestinian people inside and outside the homeland ,to fall the so-called deal of the century which aimed for the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

In a joint statement, the Palestinian Authority and the Follow-up Committee called on all Palestinians inside the Green Line, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the diaspora to launch a comprehensive strike on October stop the century deal .

The statement by the forces saying ;

"The racist law based on ethnic superiority and the denial of the existence of the Palestinian people and their rights to return and self-determination and the independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, led by the PLO and its sole legitimate representative and to deny the rights of our national and civil people in the Galilee, Triangle, Negev and Sahel expose the Zionist settlement colonial project aimed at establishing what is called Israel Between the sea and the river at the expense of land, man and sanctities and by uprooting and expelling its indigenous inhabitants. "

The statement stressed the need to end the political, geographic and institutional division of the Palestinian arena, restore national unity and strengthen the PLO's status as a unified leader of our people and liberation struggle.

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