Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks about a bilateral peace treaty in the city of Vladivostok in Russia's Far East on Monday. 

In their talks on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, the two leaders were also expected to discuss joint economic activities on a group of disputed islands.

The two countries have not signed a peace treaty since World War Two because of a dispute about the islands, known as the Kuril Islands in Russia and the Northern Territories in Japan.

After talks with Abe, Putin added that Russia is ready to boost cooperation on the basis of the principles of good neighborliness and mutual interests and maintain contacts with Japan to support inter-Korean dialogue.

Putin said his country is ready to find solutions on a peace treaty with Japan that would be welcomed by both sides.

The Japanese prime minister said that a peace treaty between Tokyo and Moscow is a historic task that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin need to achieve, Russian News Agency TASS said.

Speaking before the meeting, Abe said he would be seeking progress on the territorial dispute and the signing of a treaty. When it ended, he confirmed that "talks with Putin are moving towards a peace treaty."

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