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    The spokesman of the Egyptian armed forces, Colonel Tamer Rifai, announced on the establishment of the Libyan army in Egypt and  by the hands of the sons of the military establishment of Libya, where the statement, which was published on the official page on Facebook,and said:

Statement of the Committee appointed on the Libyan issue

The Lebanese Armed Forces have completed efforts to reorganize and build the Libyan army on the land of egypt, where the Egyptian Committee concerned with Libya  under the chairmanship of Major General Mohammad Al-Keshki,received Assistant Minister of Defense. , A delegation of Libyan soldiers from October 29 to November 2 in Cairo.

The presence of Libyan military personnel was completed their discussion and after the confirmation of the national constants and their detailed discussions on various ideas and solutions to inaugurate a new stage on the march of unification of the Libyan military establishment. A group of specialized technical committees were formed to discuss the mechanisms of unifying the military establishment and studying all the concerns that support the achievement of this track. These discussions on topics related to the nature of the relationship between the civil authority and the military establishment as well as the process of restructuring and organization of the military.


The Egyptian side paid tribute to all the efforts exerted by the committees of the military establishment to support this purely Libyan path in accordance with the requirements of the Libyan national interest.

The Libyan military appealed to attendees to support all the Libyan people and to not be dragged behind the efforts of any party to undermine this effort in support of the unification of the military institution, which contributes to the acceleration of the pace of stability.

Libyan military personnel reiterated their appeal to national media institutions to shoulder their professional responsibilities to support this course and to spare the military establishment the whims of political rivalries as conscious national media as an additional tool to create broad consensus among the military to reach the desired goal of defending the soil of Libya and the constants of the national state.

The meeting agreed to resume the meeting in Cairo again to complete the consultation on the procedural steps required after returning home to present what was accomplished during this round and to ratify the implementation of the proposals reached by the committees to unify the Libyan military establishment.

God protected Libya land and people ... and according to its armed forces to what is good.

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