By| Abeer Al-Madawy

In an interview conducted by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi with France 24, Mr. president said  that the Egyptian prisons do not have political prisoners.

" Egypt respects its citizens and guarantees their rights, and that there are no political prisoners in Egypt" Abdul Fattah Alsisi said.

He added during his meeting with France 24 that there is a systematic campaign against Egypt, and we do not seek  to a the role , but our  efforts are for exact stabilize and achieve peace.

President Alsisi added that who criticized our human rights , they never looked at the right of our Martyrs who protect the country , they never pay attention to what egypt needs such as education , health and good economy ....even they take their information from certain channels and media are known they are working for who supporting the terrorism ...I call them come and ask egyptians to know the truth...Egypt is not advanced like Europe countries and we need a lot to reach to your don't judge on our life like yours.
This response came in the context of the question on the human rights situation in Egypt, which was criticized by international organizations .

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