Reuters Volodymyr Zelensky, The famous Ukrainian comedian, who plays a fictional president in a popular TV show, is tipped to become Ukraine's next leader after a national exit poll showed Zelensky as winner in a landslide victory in the presidential race. Zelensky, who has no previous experience in politics,
Cairo reported by ;Abeer Almadawy sunday, 21 of April, 2019 According to the Egyptian presidency spokesman declared that an important summit has held between president Abdul Fattah Alsisi and the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in the Althadya Palace today. The two presidents discussed the latest developments pertinent to the
Cairo reported by : Abeer Almadawy Sunday,21 of April,2019 President Abdul Fattah AlSisi recieved at Sunday the U.S. Democratic Senator Ronald Wyden with the attendance of the Egyptian FM Sameh Shokry and the head of the Egyptian intelligence General Abbas Kamel... The spoke man of the presidency ambassador Basam
Cairo As Egypt is following its second no day of the editing to the referendum on the constitution....The Egyptian State Information Service (SIS) followed up international media coverage of the referendum on the constitutional amendments in Egypt, for the second day of voting at home and the last day
Washington Reported by: Abeer Almadawy Mr president Of Egypt is in a visit to US now as he accepted the invitation of the American president Donald Trump since 2 weeks ... The White House published the interview between both presidents before the bilateral talks as the following; News from
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