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By|Mohammed Mukhtar A delegation of the Al-Azhar Charitable Society in Bangladesh on Thursday continued to distribute aid to the Rohingya Muslims in Cox-Bazar, near the border with Burma. The delegation divided into three teams, each with a view to reaching the largest number of refugees, in coordination with the
written by;Michael Blair During a conversation last evening, I suddenly realised why I had been feeling uncomfortable about some aspects of the endless debate on Scottish independence. The political scene in Scotland is extremely polarised, and subsequently people have taken up positions from which they will not be moved.
By|Christian Megan Castle Journal started to add the photo of the Day from USA- white House... The photo of today is for ....President Donald J. Trump, joined by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and FEMA officials, attends a briefing on the continuing Hurricane Harvey relief and
Famous persons used to say their wisdoms which let them successful people in the life... today our quote will be taken from Mr president of USA Donald Trump,you can find his wisdom on top of white house site for all the world not only for American , to represent
by /Abeer Almadawy As follow up to the crisis of Rohinga news,Castle Journal discover a new painful suffering for the peoples of Rohinga who fled from the violence and killing by the army and authorities of Myanmar ,to go another hell wait them . At first there are above
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