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US Defense Secretary Mark Esper arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday for an unannounced visit to meet Iraqi officials. Esber is expected to meet his Iraqi counterpart, Najah al-Shammari, and Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to discuss the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, part of which has moved to Iraq.
Written by:Michael Blair Today I was having a wander through twitter and found an article from a national newspaper, concerning the new bridge crossing the Firth of Forth, in place of the older Forth Bridge. This bridge, known as the Queensferry Crossing, was opened to the public to a
 The State Information Service released a statement a little while ago addressing the upcoming coverage of international media representatives, and specifically accredited correspondents of Friday the 27th of September. SIS’s statement revealed some information regarding this coverage which includes the following: 41 accredited Media and Press establishments submitted to
Representatives of International Media outlets and especially correspondents registered by the State Information Service in Cairo have been carrying out their coverage since the morning of September 27th up until 7 pm. Only one field complaint has been filed, and it involved the brief detention of 2 photojournalists near
By/Yasmin thabet Abu Dhabi has unveiled plans for a three-in-one religious complex with a church, a mosque and a synagogue on one site. Designs for the Abrahamic Family House show the three houses of worship facing each other in sprawling gardens on Saadiyat Island in the UAE capital. Organisers
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