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By Michael Blair Can we put a price on peace? I don't know what that price should be, but it will be a price worth paying. Giving people who have no morals, the power over the lives of people who cannot fight back, is not the way to promote
To all visitors, members and those who follow Castle Journal or who would like to join it ... We invite you to read Castel Journal Charter which is considered as the constitution, of the newspaper and website of Castle Journal.And we” Castle Journal administration “invite you to read this
By ERASMUS- The economist Ireland is a country who famous with its conservative rule and the most one who maintained with its organised Christianity...in a sudden shock for the world's followers to the news of Ireland government hit them recently said that... a new a young, openly gay, half-Indian
Written by: Muhssin Al-hillo Translated by: Ali Tekmaji A little angel embraces her sleeping brother after ISIS militants murdered her parents. She is sitting in the middle of the rubble, covered in dust, smelling the odor of gunpowder, while listening to explosions and gunfire shot from all sides. Using
Lines in the reading of world's future The Last Circle Written by|Abeer Almadawy Donald Trump has won and now he heads the United States, New policy of the American strategy will be accepted by the white house according to the view of the new man of the house…According to
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