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Written by /Abeer Almadawy Because I love Japan , I decided to write about its history.One of the things I cannot pass quickly is; “geisha”girl But I hope to write my opinion before I write about her historical story,and this because I feel how much she suffers from the
Written by /Michael Blair Advertising in many forms has been with us for many years and has made us aware of numerous new products and other exciting ideas. Or has it? Do we take in all or any of the "essential" glossy short stories? I will attempt to make
written by /Michael Blair Brexit is a word I didn't like when I first heard it on television, and have come to loathe it the more it is used. This is a word made up specially for the UK leaving the EU. It has no place and is an
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By/ Michael Blair Ihave deliberated and dithered, but given the present political situation, I have to say something. Europe and I include the UK, is being taken over by Islamic fundamental terrorism. This is happening in plain sight and the majority of people cannot see what has happened and
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