The Last Circle

Written by /Abeer Almadawy Because I love Japan , I decided to write about its history.One of the things I cannot pass quickly is; “geisha”girl But I hope to write my opinion before I write about her historical story,and this because I feel how much she suffers from the
Written by| Abeer Almadawy Iraq first With this wonderful and inspirational slogan of all the peoples who live in terror and sectarian wars, the Iraqis launched with their celebration with the great victory over terrorism. Mosul finally liberated after all this suffering and misery from the displacement of about
Lines in the reading of world's future The Last Circle Written by|Abeer Almadawy Donald Trump has won and now he heads the United States, New policy of the American strategy will be accepted by the white house according to the view of the new man of the house…According to
Written By|Abeer Almadawy Actually , there is an investment finances the terrorism ,as well as there is an investment in terrorism…but in between them ,founded the good investment from the innocent view of its creators who built solid structure of the corruption on the earth by their merely brutal
 Written by|Abeer Almadawy T here is no doubt that the African continent is the heart of the earth as well as the kingdom of treasures' for all the world and this is because; it is rich with the fertile lands, the minerals and the enormous manpower. Unfortunately, The African

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