Now that it appears that the Corona virus has been in the UK and probably many ot her places around the world, prior to the initial news that it was affecting China, we have to ask serious questions about who knew what, and when did they know.

I was told last week that the illness I and many other people had been suffering with in January was a "mild strain" of the virus which is now causing panic and general idiocy amongst the population of almost the entire world. 

The more people I talk to, tell the same story about the effects of the virus, which non of us realised we had. There has been some very serious problems associated with this so called "mild strain" of the virus.

I believe it's possible the "mild strain" story is a lie put out by a tame media commentator to keep us thinking that this has only happened in the last couple of weeks in the UK, Europe and the USA.

But thinking about it a bit more, I now think this information was given to me by mistake after I mentioned my January symptoms to the person. 

 His twitter account was pumping out information which could only have come from official sources. Information which I regarded as being used to push the panic button on the public. 

Having objected to his use of fear mongering statistics and having had a run in with one of his somewhat rabid supporters and despite my attempts to placate the near hysterical cultish acolyte with an agree to disagree solution, I was blocked. 

So, this made me more suspicious of the statistics being placed deliberately to cause most damage. 

Of course this guy wasn't alone in using the fear factor to get the public, who up until fairly recently, had been sensible and not panic buying.

Once a few days of doom laden newspaper headlines had appeared, the public mood changed rapidly and rampant panic buying began in earnest. 

This fear could have been quelled by a people in positions of authority, but for some reason, anyone saying anything sensible was shouted down by the media and opposition politicians. 

The UK government policy was calm and measured, despite the rest of Europe closing down, but the media kept up the pressure on the public and when suddenly the hierarchy of the sporting establishment decided to cancel events, government policy was in tatters. 

This is so typical of the people who have been unable to deal with the UK leaving the EU. Their bitterness will allow them to see the country closed and untold hardship forced upon the most vulnerable members of the public. 

These people don't care. They will be fine. Plenty of supplies and the money with which to buy them. 

Those of us who don't have a giant fridge and massive freezer and a spare room to store the thousands of rolls of toilet paper, will just have to get on with eating less and using the Guardian to wipe our arses. 

I would like to find out exactly when the governments of the world knew this virus first appeared in China and more to the point, when it escaped and began infecting people. 

My best guess is that it was around in the UK from the end of December. Those of us who have "already had the virus" didn't know what it was. 

I just wonder how many people it did affect, and if it caused death, to what were the deaths attributed? 

I don't for one minute believe that we will ever find out, because officially it didn't happen. 

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