Reported by | Rima Sami

Do you know that From the kitchen you can overcome your pain  by returning to nature which it always calls you ?Do you that the content in your kitchen can be the simple and effective treatments  as well true solution?

Dear reader today we would like to introduce the importance of rose water in your kitchen
Rose water is usually used in dessert recipes or added to drinking water because it gives  good taste and smell

But you can use it differently ….
Two points to five points is equivalent to a small spoonful of rose water on the liter of cold water. This simple mixture is effective treatment, especially for a headache …just if you drink 2 cups of them  and sit in relaxing  mode,  then use Bandages are wetting with rose water on the forehead  and you will feel immediately comfortable.


Rose water is also great for skin lotion just moisten a clean cloth perfumed with rose water and then passed by the skin of your face gently every day before going to sleep will get a pure skin , also will renovate the cells and remove your wrinkles’ skin.

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