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Paris: By Abeer Almadawy Macron and Paris pay a price for what? Parisian streets live in a state of chaos under peaceful and non-peaceful demonstrations and serious demands for the resignation of the President Emmanuel Macron and the formation of a new government and the resignation of Parliament and
BUENOS AIRES - By / Abeer Almadawy G20 Summit that will start 30 Nov.- 1Dec. Are headed by world's leaders who have reached the Capital of Argentina Buenis Aires at Thursday amid High security levels.
Reported by|Abeer Alamdawy Russia and Ukraine 's tension renew again and this once is not for the disputed about Crimea Island , which Russia has included to its territory.The case is still in dispute between Ukraine and Western countries and the United States support for its position ,while Russia 
Written by : Abeer Almadawy What does the Black Continent want from a Chinese friend? A question that was put forward strongly before and during the forum, and included opinions for many of the poorest African countries in the world and those suffering from poor infrastructure and education is
Written by ; Abeer Almadawy The 2018 China-Africa Forum was held its first session in the presence of leaders and kings of African countries in Beijing, where the forum, witnessed many conferences and visions of both China and African countries, since it was launched . The Beijing 2018 Summit
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