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In a speech to the president  Donald J. Trump before receiving Mr. President AlSisi, Trump paid his hopes in Egypt to save the stability in the Middle East...Also the president talks about the American Egyptian relations as strong as his friendship with president AlSisi.

Trump said with a journalism conference:

" It’s a great honor to be with President El-Sisi, a friend—a great friend—of Egypt. And we have very special things happening. Our relationship has never been stronger. And we’re working with Egypt on many different fronts, including military and trade"

Trump also speaks about  the strategic issues and the powerful partnership with Egypt as he pointed ;

" The United States and Egypt have a strong relationship with many security and economic implications.Today marks the second visit of President El-Sisi to the White House since 2017. So as Egypt has long been an important strategic partner in the Middle East, United States of America is strengthening our partnership with Egypt and promoting regional stability across the Middle . We push the assistance to Egypt who has played a central role in the country’s economic and military development."

President of USA Donald Trump said

In other politics points president Trump pointed to the Situation in the Middle East and relation with Israel so he reminds with this historical information about the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, he said ;

" Since the 1979 Egypt–Israel Treaty of Peace, the United States has provided Egypt with more than $40 billion in military assistance and $30 billion in economic assistance.
Egypt has become an anchor of stability in the Middle East, as exemplified by its enduring forty-year peace with Israel."

Trump alsp replied on a question from a journalist about the file of human rights in Egypt, he replied ;

" The United States encourages the Egyptian government to preserve space for civil society and to protect human rights."

President Trump said they are working with Egypt on issues impacting regional stability including conflicts in Libya, Syria, and Yemen and progress on the Middle East Strategic Alliance.

Today Mr president of Egypt Abdul Fattah AlSisi met with officials in the White House such as advisor of president Trump and the Foreign affair minister.
Trump 's Administration also is working with Egypt to combat terrorism and to stop the spread of radical Islamic terrorism. Officials confirmed in this text that The United States is providing Egypt with military training and equipment to support counterterrorism efforts.

"We continue to strengthen our strategic relationship through security cooperation and broader security efforts."

Officials in Trump's Administration added that US supports the Egyptian government in its bold program of economic reform, which will set Egypt on the course of long-term economic stability.
So as Egypt hosted the inaugural meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, will enhance the economic cooperation and shared prosperity among countries across the region. And President Trump is building on the strong and robust trade relationship between the United States and Egypt.

It's that the  United States and Egypt have a robust bilateral trade relationship.
President Trump hopes to build on this relationship through cooperation and mutual benefit.
America is one of Egypt’s leading trade partners.
In 2018, the United States goods trade surplus with Egypt was $2.6 billion, a 9.3 percent increase from 2017.
In 2018, United States goods exports to Egypt totaled $5.1 billion, up 26.7 percent from 2017.
America and Egypt continue to work together to promote fair trade and increased investment by addressing market access, standards, labor, and intellectual property protection issues.


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Aman -Jordan 

 Dafous Economic Forum was launched yesterday in The capital of Jordan for 2 days (6-7) April where leaders of the Arabic world met during the summit.

Arab ministers have discussed relations with Israel in a session of the World Economic Forum regional meeting in Jordan.

Officials and business leaders exchanged their opinions in various sessions on different topics during the two-day forum that started on Saturday.

In a session where Arab ministers talked about Israel, Oman's Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi spoke about the need to help Israel to get out of the feeling of threat. May be he stressed on the deepest relationship that gathered Israel and Oman recently...though that Oman does not have diplomatic relations with Israel but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise visit to the country in October of last year.

Arab countries have been at odds with Israel over Palestine for decades. Among those countries, only Egypt and Jordan have diplomatic relations with Israel.

But recently some Arab countries and Israel have been moving toward closer ties as they share the common interest of countering the growing influence of Iran.

The Omani foreign minister's comments could indicate changes in the country's political view.

source: NHK 

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Tel Aviv

Quoting on  a Russian newspaper RT today, in which it said that a famous Israeli newspaper had omitted a report published on Tuesday about the Israeli army who supplied the fighters of Islamic groups with weapons in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Jerusalem Post said the newspaper had  been advised to delete the report for security reasons, according to RT and high source in the Israeli army ordered the newspaper to report about arming the Islamic militias at Syria for their security.

 In the following lines This a quotation of the text of RT which said;

Special sources told RT on Wednesday that 

The newspaper "Jerusalem Post" published an article on Tuesday titled "Israel Defense Forces", quoted from the "Israeli army."

This article was deleted shortly after its publication, but ended with "Google".

Defense Forces defense in an interview with "RT" will not comment on this incident.

Source: RT

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According to the Israeli Channel 7 said that the US government has bought a hotel in occupied southeast Jerusalem  in preparation for the transfer of its embassy to it, in an implementation of the decision of US President Donald Trump, who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Israeli Knesset member (parliament), Xenia Svetlovna, from the "Zionist camp" bloc, confirmed that the US administration recently purchased the building of the hotel.

In the same context, the Israeli Channel 2 revealed recently that an American delegation, headed by a personal representative of Trump, is coming to Israel to complete the transfer of the American Embassy, ​​which will be based in East Jerusalem. The American delegation is to inspect field preparations to expedite the transfer of the embassy

The Israeli channel said that the US embassy will be transferred to the "Diplomat" in the "Arnona" Jerusalem, temporarily until the completion of the establishment of the place dedicated to the embassy, ​​where a team of technicians and cameras and electronic guard doors at the entrances.

According to the same channel, the planning department of the occupied Jerusalem municipality approved an engineering plan for the construction of a building belonging to the US Embassy in Jerusalem, which includes fortified rooms, a shelter and security walls surrounding it.

For his part, the head of the planning department in the Jerusalem Municipality, Meir Turgeman, the second channel said  that "the architect of US embassies came to Jerusalem a week ago to oversee the construction plan."

He added: "The building standards presented in the US engineering plan for the embassy are different from those adopted in Israel. The plan includes the construction of a short building to avoid an attack by air."

On December 6 Trump, despite extensive international warnings, signed a presidential decree recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and instructed the US State Department to begin the process of transferring the embassy to Jerusalem, denouncing and rejecting the Arab and Islamic countries and the overwhelming majority of countries. the world.

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