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  • housing, roads and petrochemical projects, the most important to the economy. of the state


  • Port Said and Ismailia celebrate the new national projects.


A large number of vital national projects were inaugurated by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during last December 2016, which refers to the extent of its commitment to the strategy of development that was announced last period by the Egyptian government.


Actually the current indicators of the projects confirm  the commitment of all major companies to stand beside the state and the Armed Engineering Authority in   profiteers time program set for the completion of the national projects, and to publicize their commitment to the directives of President al-Sisi efforts to advance with the economic development processes.


The opening of roads and bridges projects


On 15 December, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had opened, a number of road projects within the national network of roads through the video conference, and with the presence of a large number of ministers and officials.


The centerpiece of new Rood Al-Farag launched in October 2015, to be linked by road regional ring, even by Dabaa - Salloum, 50 kilometers long, which is the longest axis within a single province as it is estimated with the cost of 7 billion pounds, including the implementation work and expropriation..


Also H.E. president Abdel Fattah Alsis opened a number of road projects through video conference, where he opened the development and duplication road of "Sohag - Safaga" next to the opening of the duplication road of "Qena Safaga."


He also inaugurated a bridge time Square in Alexandria, and a bridge Sandoub at Dakahlia Governorate, and the development and duplication of the western sector of Sheikh Fadl and the project to establish the center of Talkha at Mansoura on the Nile.


The President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said during the event of opening these roads and bridges projects , that the State bears the price differences, which resulted from the recent economic measures, in order to reduce the pressure on the citizens, explaining that it is not only in housing, but in other areas.


President al-Sisi added that the state aimed to reduce the pressure on the citizens, adding that the areas which are constructed of housing units, that is  for the people who live in an insecure areas, and these projects are built from the government and state investment.




Housing Projects


On December 15 also H.E president Abdel Fattah Sisi opened a number of housing projects, and Dr. Mustafa MM Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities confirmed on the development rates in the implementation of housing projects where they were planning to carry out 490 thousand housing units during the period from 2014 until 2016, with the completion of 194,000 units, including at a rate of 97 thousand units per year, and the ongoing implementation of the 296 thousand units the completion of the implementation during the 2017 scheme, was put up 82 thousand new units of which 34 thousand units in the new cities and 48 thousand units nationwide, including 20 thousand units in Raswa south of Port Said to provide housing units for each of the offers and apply on them the conditions



Drinking and sanitation projects


In the area of ​​development of the productive potential of the projects and sanitation drinking water, on December 15 , President al-Sisi opened a number of major projects, during the opening of projects, it added six million M3-day drinking water, processing 2 million M3-day wastewater health during the period from 2014 to 2016, with the completion of 424 drinking water and sanitation project, of which 136 projects of drinking water to serve 13.5 million people, and 61 sewerage project in 227 villages.


The opening of chlorine and caustic soda plant at the Nasr Chemicals company


On 24 December, President Sisi witnessed the opening of chlorine and caustic soda factory, in the Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals, which includes 25 factories for the production of various chemicals, which is sufficient domestic production and exported the surplus abroad.


President al-Sisi stressed during the opening of the factory that the big responsibility that on his shoulder, it needs a big effort from him and the officials in the state, so they can achieve the target rates of development in the coming period.


For his part, Major General Staff  "Mokhtar Abdel Latif Mustafa", Chairman of Al Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals, said that Nasr Chemical is the largest and oldest edifice industrial in the Egyptian Armed Forces, where he established in 1972 on an area of up to more than 250 acres, which has had the greatest impact on development and reconstruction of the industrial zone at Abu Rawash, where the company has provided basic services to neighboring factories and companies which led to the development of industrial and breadth of the region and increase its various activities.

Port Said projects

On 28 December, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi participated with the city of Port Said in the celebrations of the 60 National Day  and the opening of a number of projects in the governorate, on top of them;

a bridge of nasr pontoon project, which connects the cities of Port Said and Port Fouad, as the allocation of 10 factories in the industrial zone decades in southern Port Said ladder total of 58 factories.



The President noted the ongoing development of Port Said efforts, alluding to the ongoing industrial zone created in East Port Said on an area of ​​40 million square meters and a draft of fish farms, as well as current spending implemented which will link the two sides of the channel and between the Sinai and the rest of the Republic, so as to enhance the development opportunities for the people of Port Said and neighboring regions .


The president stressed the importance of small and micro enterprises in providing job opportunities for young people, noting in this regard to the small, medium and complex industries in southern Raswa industrial area.


The president too has inaugurated the entertainment and cultural center in Port Said, which contains a theater, cinema, conference rooms, and is a cultural outlet for the people of Port Said city. 

From other side the president, has opened a fish farming project in Ismailia, after inspecting more than swimming fish farms, and the products of aquaculture ponds, and listened to a briefing by officials of the nature of basins and fish .


The first dialogue for young people

At the level of the first monthly dialogue for young people, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi attended the morning on December 10, "the first session," which discussed the implementation of their recommendations of the first National Youth Conference, which was held in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh last October.


The meeting included a number of public meetings dealing with the results of special education issues of national dialogue meetings, along with education files, the economic reforms , the recent population growth, the challenges the Egyptian state is facing, the mechanisms for the development of agriculture and oil, as well as the free discussions with young people, and a review of Visions raised during the last period.

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