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The situation in Iraq is still burning under the great efforts of the Iraqi army to purge his country of the terrorism organization of the Islamic state known as " Daesh"

The war began in several cities, and now is still going on in the city of Mosul, which had fallen under the control of the organization years ago.


The battle of Mosul has begun, and no one knows when it ends and the Iraqi scene became cloudy and far away from any expectations, so that "Castle Journal" is interested to run this interview with the Iraqi journalist Haidar al-Tamimi, who revealed many secrets, such as he talks about the time when the war will end in Iraq, and the date of the Iraqi elections. Also we opened hard file about the Iraq &Turkey confliction, especially in light of the current crisis, and a lot of more details .. to the text of the interview.



At the beginning ..... Can you evaluate the battle to liberate Mosul from the terrorism?

The war is going well, and the morale of the troops is high, and sincere in their intention to rid Iraq of Daesh terrorist organization, especially in Mosul and surrounding areas such as Mountain of Makhoul, and fields Alas, the Hawija and other areas.


When the war can be end in your opinion, or more precisely when Iraq to get rid of terrorism?

Department of war is ready and with its full force now, and I expect to the war will continue for more than six months. Actually the terrorist could to interfere in the joints of the Iraqi state and to correct it, needs a long war and an enormous efforts to eradicate it and then begin the reconstruction of Iraq again.



Haidar al-Tamimi, as you are a writer and journalist who is known as Shiite ,What do you say to the Turkish attack on the popular crowd participation in the liberation of Mosul, and considered them as a Shiite militias armed?


Popular Mobilization Forces will participate in all the battles that take place in Iraq since the popular crowd is the Iraqi army set up by the foremost authority of personal Ali al-Sistani

So we do not need to take the permission of any other party from outside or the inside in order to participate in the battle…that's from one side.

But on the other hand and may be I did not mention that Mr. Haider al-Abadi ,the Prime Minister and Commander of the Iraqi armed forces is the leader of the popular crowd

And the Iraqi people is who  ordered of the popular crowd and every fighter in defense of the whole country and communities and cleared Iraq of terrorism.


But what do you say about  the popular crowd that it follows the Iranian Revolutionary Guard?


This is a big lie of terrorist organization Daesh to discredit the popular crowd in front of the world ,as they seek to save themselves from punishment, here I respond to a terrorist organization with a question:


What is the number of nationalities who are fighting in the this terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria?,

I reply; the Estimated number may be up to 50 nationalities from Egyptians, Moroccans, Syrians , Gulf Arabs , Chinese, Europeans ,Africans and Chechens. While the Popular crowd all of them are Iraqis and I defy anyone can proven otherwise, or to prove that the crowd men are from IRGC only.


Is it possible that the Iraqi army, assisted by the Iranian army in case of Iraq joined a war against Turkey?


In principle we have agreed as a people, and Iraqi parliament and government to refuse the presence of any Turkish interference in our internal affairs, however, Turkey insists on the  intervention under the pretext of protecting the Sunnis, a strange argument for there is no difference between Iraq's Sunni and Shiite ,

As for your question about what if a regional war between Iraq and Turkey have taken place, Let's say that Iraq could very well be associated with the Iranian army against its neighboring Turkey.


What is the story of America's support for the Iraqi army in the war on Daesh?


  1. helps Daesh only and does not help the Iraqi army.


Is it true that the popular crowd will participate in the Iraqi parliamentary and presidential elections after the end of the war on terrorism?


Popular crowd Forces will not participate in the elections at all ,as its specific task, is the eradicating of terrorism, it is possible to engage in the Iraqi army after the end of his mission ,as our army is far from political action.



When Iraqi election begins and who do you expect to win it?


Iraqi elections will be a year from now, the favorite to win the Iraqi political forces is still yet unknown.


How do you evaluate the performance of the Arab League in dealing with the current situation in Iraq?

The performance is very bad, the Arab League haven't issued any statement or decision to prevent Turkish troops to intervene in the Arab Iraqi affairs, and has a strange negative situation exactly, the same negative behavior that it deals with Syria, which has now become a breeding ground for terrorists who came from every place over the world, but we as Arabs Iraqis will not allow this and we will defend with full force for Iraq, Syria and all the Arab countries that want to destroy Daesh.


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