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An important European economic and political move towards the African continent corresponds to the growth of Sino,US, Russian relations with Africa

This year, the forum may be a special one after China has imposed a new framework in the way of dealing strategically with Africans, which adopts the theory of respecting the will of peoples and cooperation in parallel economic and investment relations

The forum will be held in Vienna, where Austria is the head of the current session of the Council of the European Union under the leadership of Chancellor Sebastian curtz. The African side will be joined by Burundian President Paul Kagai, whose country currently presides over the African Union ,other attendees such as ;Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, as well as Antonio Tiani, president of the European Parliament, leaders, ministers and representatives of a large number of African and European countries, including Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

The forum will be held this year under the title "Cooperation in the Digital Age". The aim of this forum is to promote cooperation between the European and African continents in the fields of innovation and digital technology transformation, with the participation of European and African companies, in addition to discussing ways to finance new projects and support development in agriculture and renewable energy production. In African countries and support sustainable development.

The participation of President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in this forum is doubly important given that Egypt is preparing to assume the presidency of the African Union in 2019. In addition to its interest in supporting development in Africa as well as the importance of Egypt's relations with Europe, Of the total Egyptian exports, while Egypt's imports from the EU represent about 37% of the total Egyptian imports, in addition to the existence of several comprehensive agreements between Egypt and Europe, led by the Egyptian-European partnership agreement.

The Africa-Europe Forum was held last year in Brussels, Belgium, where it focused on creating a new model of partnership in private business and contributing to sustainable global development goals by 2030.

Last year's forum resulted in important measures to support investment opportunities without risk to create jobs, provide technological assistance that would improve the business environment to be more conducive to investment, as well as African-European cooperation in the political field, especially with regard to human rights, good governance and fighting corruption.

Last year, the EU also decided to allocate € 3.35 billion in funding to support traditional development in Africa by 2020.

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