With the Corona pandemic spreading and the use of alcoholic disinfectants in abundance, social media users have recently circulated, especially in the United States, videos showing explosions inside a number of cars due to hand sanitizer packages.

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, fears of similar accidents within cars, which are virtually devoid of alcoholic hand sanitizer, are on the rise.

But the American "Denver Post" website quoted experts as saying that the explosion of alcohol containers or hand sanitizers, as some have published, is not likely to happen, indicating that alcohol could lose potency if it stays in the car in a high temperature for a long time.

The source of all this confusion is a blog post by the Wisconsin Civil Defense, warning about the possibility of an alcoholic hand sanitizer exploding inside the car during hot weather, as the post spread on social media on a large scale last week.

While the warning seemed to some to be exaggerated, others emphasized that there is a possibility of an alcoholic hand sanitizer packaging inside the car at a certain temperature, or if it is exposed to sunlight for a long period directly.

A Poynter company investigation recently found that an alcoholic hand sanitizer can explode under a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 315 degrees Celsius, which is impossible to happen in a car.

Other investigations have shown that there is a chance that a hand sanitizer could cause a fire or an explosion, but it is likely to be much smaller than that spread on social media.

But in any case, experts advise not to leave an alcohol-free hand sanitizer in the car at a high temperature, as alcohol can evaporate and therefore the liquid becomes useless, and if you want to be more careful then do not leave the disinfectant in the car.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded

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