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A senior Democrat has called for an investigation with The senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump’s  for using her personal email account for official government business.

A White House review of Trump’s emails showed that The Adviser used her personal email to correspond with federal government staff, cabinet officials and her assistants throughout  2017.Ethics officials uncovered hundreds of emails sent by a domain Trump shares with her husband Jared Kushner, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat member of the Senate judiciary committee, called on Tuesday for an investigation of Ivanka Trump’s email use, either by the office of government ethics or Congress.

, an act that has been criticized as hypocritical by allies and foes of her father’s administration.

Carol Leonnig and Josh Dawsey at the Washington Post reported on Monday that President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter sent hundreds of emails to aides, Cabinet officials, and her assistant using a private email account she shares with her husband, Jared Kushner. (It was reported last year that Kushner had used a private account to conduct government business as well.) According to the Post, Trump told aides she wasn’t familiar with federal records rules barring such practices. That’s what her representatives told the publication as well.

Peter Mirijanian, a spokesperson for Trump’s attorney and ethics counsel, Abbe Lowell, told the Post that while transitioning into government — but after she was given a White House email account — Trump “sometimes used her personal account, almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family.” That took place, he said, “until the White House provided her the same guidance they had given others.”

Mirijanian said Trump has turned over all of her government-related emails already so they can be stored with White House records.

Sources|Washington post- Guardian- Vox




According to  Russia today,published new photos of the new building called "Octagon" for the Egyptian Ministry of Defense.

"The Octagon" which means the eight ribs, all the headquarters of branches of the Egyptian armed forces, is scheduled to be completed soon,

 The pentagon means pentagon because of it is fifth , a name in ancient Greek, while octa means eight,

The octagon is the name given to the new headquarters of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense in the new administrative capital, as it is designed in the form of an octagonal building, or precisely in the form of several buildings each

Eight facets and connected to corridors connected to a main building in the center ..

The project is located on a total area estimated at 189 thousand square meters, while the actual area of ​​buildings is estimated at 45 thousand square meters, and the design includes eight octagonal buildings in Pharaonic style,

A circle of administrative buildings, while two central ministerial buildings are located in the center of the circle and connect to each other and to the other eight buildings with longitudinal corridors, and the number of these buildings is equal to the number of the Egyptian army departments.

Source: RT

The crisis of migrants to the United States continues with a decisive desire by the Trump administration to stop this southern march that affects the economic and social life of the Americans ... The so-called resolute confrontation with immigrants and receiving weapons and the army was required to abide by US borders The Mexican ...

And with all the warnings and statements from the US officials and by President Donald Trump himself, but a new convoy of immigrants from Central America, consisting of 200 people who wish to enter the United States without visas despite threats to expel them, this Sunday from El Salvador.

They said that they are fleeing from a misery life in their country and gathered in a square in the west of the capital San Salvador and then boarded three buses to go to the city of Sonsonati, 66 km from that place, an AFP correspondent reported.

They then moved to Guatemala, the border State, to which they wish to cross.

Among these immigrants there are many families with their children.

"The truth is that I have no choice," said a woman named Cecilia Bonilla, 36, who left the neighborhood where she was living and was witness to a guerrilla war, accompanied by her 5 and 13-year-old sons.

"I do not want to leave, but what can I do here, alone with two children, I have not received any help from anyone, and gangs threaten us, so it would have been better to leave."

On October 13, thousands of people from Honduras made a convoy to the United States and gathered in Tijuana, the Mexican town on the US border, but their chances of crossing are slim. Other migrants, particularly from El Salvador, joined the convoy.

Source AFP

Several letters from the high majesty the Saudi monarch's king Mohammad Bin Salman In his speech to the world,on its head to punish those who are responsible for any crime and put an end to the Iranian nuclear program

    The Russian Defense Ministry announced that one of its warships accompanied an Indian naval carrier in the Gulf of Aden to counter attacks by pirates in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean as part of its anti-piracy mission.

In a statement issued today, the ministry said that the large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk of the Russian navy's northern fleet is escorting the Visha Niohi transport vessel from the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea.

The Russian warship has already secured convoys of civilian ships in the pirate influence areas in 2013 and 2015. In 2017, it also participated in the international "Aman" maneuvers aimed at training against pirates, as well as in joint Russian-Japanese maneuvers In the Indian Ocean earlier this year.

The ship's current mission was launched on July 5. It seems that the phenomenon of pirates has returned again in light of the deterioration of security in the region because of the wars in Yemen and Somalia and the deterioration of economic conditions in the countryside , which necessitated the intervention of large armies to intervene as their  keen to protect the crossings and international waters

Source: Russia Today

Tel Aviv

 In a crucial decision to ensure the survival of Netanyahu's government threatened by the early elections, Minister of Education Naftali Bennett announced his retreat from the decision to withdraw, which he announced earlier,

The Israeli government survived a possible collapse after a key partner retracted its threat to leave the government coalition and hold early elections.
Naftali Bennett, of the Jewish House Party, threatened to withdraw from the coalition government, before returning and announce on Monday retreat from the withdrawal.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held talks with ministers in recent days in an effort to keep the coalition.
The crisis began when Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned in protest at a ceasefire between Israel and militants in Gaza.
Bennett has said he will withdraw his party from the coalition unless he is appointed defense minister.
Netanyahu himself is currently defense minister.
The withdrawal of Lieberman and his party, "Israel Our Home" has left the government of Netanyahu clinging to a majority of only one seat in the 120-seat parliament (parliament).
Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who leads the third largest party in the coalition, said on Monday he and Justice Minister Elit Shaked would stay as long as the prime minister dealt with Israel's "deep security crisis."
"If the prime minister is serious about his intentions, and I want to believe his words that he said last night, I say to the prime minister that we are abandoning all of our political demands right now and will help you in the huge task of making Israel win again."
Prime Minister Netanyahu warned on Sunday to call early elections, saying such a decision would be "irresponsible" because of current security concerns.

Source: BBC Arabic

Tel Aviv

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the development of Israeli relations with Arab countries, as he pointed out that great surprises will witness in the coming period.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation quoted Netanyahu's statements during his meeting on Monday said that the amount of Iranian arms transferred to the Lebanese Hezbollah organization through Syrian territory has decreased significantly since the crash of the Russian plane and that Israel continues the reconnaissance flights in the area.
The prime minister made the remarks during a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee on Monday  afternoon, where he refused to address his recent hints about the continuation of IDF activities inside the Gaza Strip.
Mr. Netanyahu expected what he described as additional surprises in relations with some Arab countries and noted that he had agreed with Oman's Sultan Qaboos bin Said that Israel can use its planes to take off from Omani airspace of the Sultanate to India. As for Iran's threat to close Bab al-Mandab, the prime minister said Israel would work in cooperation with the international coalition.

Source: Makan (Israeli Broadcasting Corporation)

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